1. Contact method - Receive advice - quote - VN

- Call us on 028 - 3811 8806 (ext. 16)

- Email contact@openspace.com.vn

- Access to openspace.com.vn website, select the CONTACT list, enter information and send the request. We will contact and advise you within 24 working hours. (excluding Sundays).

- Contact directly at the office at 218 Nguyen Thai Binh, W. 12, D. Tan Binh, HCM City.


2. Working process

a. Advisory

Right after receiving the information, we will actively contact the consultant. After reaching an agreement from the customer, we will make an appointment directly to understand the actual needs as well as customer requirements.


b. Planning.

After grasping the requirement as well as reaching a cooperation agreement, we will make a detailed plan for each item that you wish to perform, this plan will base on requirements of customers. as well as the progress of the cooperation process.


c. Design

Openspace's architects, supervisors, and executives have a high level of expertise, good creativity, and quick grasp of customer needs. We will conduct construction site surveys to develop design ideas, 3D perspectives and send to customers for a review, we receive all changes from customers, and advise the best solution. , best suited for each customer.


d. Construction

Once the design is approved, Openspace's construction and supervision team will conduct another survey to achieve the best accuracy and best for the project construction process.


e. Build

Construction items will be carried out on schedule as soon as our monitoring team successfully appraises.


f. furniture

Construction items of the interior will be quickly executed after construction is completed. The whole process is strictly supervised by a professional monitoring team of Openspace, in collaboration with customers until the project / project is completed and successfully tested.


3. Provisions on the form of payment.

- Directly at the company, Openspace - Open space within .... days after the official contract is signed.

- Transfer via domestic ATM card or direct bank transfer Or transfer money via Internet Banking to the company's bank account number.

- Pay …. days after handover/commissioning of the project/project.

- In addition to the above 3 forms of payment, Openspace accepts the form of payment agreed upon by the Company and the customer in each specific contract and reaches the agreement of both parties.


4. Construction policy - transportation - delivery - installation

Openspace provides consulting services, architectural design, and construction, interior decoration. The policy of transportation, delivery, and installation of goods will be agreed upon between the Company and the customer in each specific contract, at the request of each customer, and reaching the consent of both parties.


5. Warranty support policy

- The time Openspace will provide warranty support for customers will be agreed on the contract, depending on each specific project/project, reaching the consent of both parties. Please contact Openspace for more details.

- We guarantee the construction of works/projects and the installation of interior products/equipment according to the schedule agreed between us and customers. This policy is only applicable to products that have a defect in materials or defects during installation or transportation. Openspace will not warrant other products/equipment of Openspace within the scope of the Openspace / project or damage due to customer error, misuse by the customer, or due to customer warranty. properly managed. Openspace also does not warrant the natural wear and tear of goods, cuts, or scratches caused by collision or breakdown.

- As soon as the acceptance is successful, for the project/work, the official warranty policy is applied. For interior products/equipment related to the project, the warranty policy will be applied as soon as we complete the installation and the customer confirms the success. For products within the warranty period, Openspace will set the solution as follows: repair, replacement of the corresponding product.


6. Information security policy

Under Article 68 to Article 73, Section 1 Protects personal information in e-commerce (Chapter V) prescribed in Decree 52/2013 / ND-CP. We collect and use customers 'personal information with the policy of protecting customers' personal information as follows:


a. Purpose of collecting information:

When customers enter information and send a request to us on the website or want to receive useful information from us, we will leave the following information: your name, phone number and personal email of the customer. We rely on that information to serve the advice, contact customers as well as customer care best. At the same time, we also provide additional information via email, SMS: attractive promotions, news items

b. Scope of using information

We only use customer information within the company. In addition, all customer personal information will not be used to provide to any third party without the owner's permission.

We do not use personal information on information subjects to send advertisements, product descriptions, and other commercial information if customers refuse to receive advertisements.


c. Information storage time

Customer information is stored throughout the maintenance of the business operations of the Company to provide customers with the best care and after-sales service.


d. Address of collecting and managing information collection unit

Any questions about the collection and processing of information related to personal information of consumers or related to the use of personal information for the wrong purpose or the notified scope. Information subjects may contact us directly through:

- Address: Only 218 Nguyễn Thái Bình, F12, Tân Bình, HCM.

- Phone: 028 - 3811 8806.


e. Means and tools

All personal information is stored in the Openspace company's server system and regularly backed up using data on the website as well as personal information of customers.

- Detailed information of customers such as full name, age, address, phone number and email will be stored to ensure benefits for customers when using online services. The system allows customers to change personal information when required by logging into the account that the customer has registered and tailored according to the wishes of the information subject.

- Handling and troubleshooting when hackers are attacked or attacked due to user access environment, internet connection, and other illegal spyware; Also take measures to recover data when hackers attack, delete or change information.

- In the event that an information system is attacked that creates a risk of consumer information loss, the company will notify the authorities within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the incident is detected thanks to intervene and thoroughly overcome incidents (if any).